Pure Bottled Water


ĐogeDrip & Co. belongs to the people of earth and represents hodling onto the good in life to bring our people closer.

Buy water and quench the thirst of someone in need. Buy using crypto and be a pioneer in progressing faster and more efficient universal currencies.

The 1st Bottled Water On Mars.

About ĐogeDrip & Co.

Before we are a race, a gender, a nationality, we are human beings. At ĐogeDrip & Co. we are investing in human connection and unity by providing clean drinking water to everyone, especially those in need.

Delivering Universal Resources For Universal Currency From Earth To Mars Since 2021*

The ĐogeDrip & Co. Vision:

“At ĐogeDrip & Co. our mission is to provide clean, healthy drinking water to all humans while contributing to the stability and sustainability of not just Dogecoin but all cryptocurrencies. For every 10 (6-Packs) we sell we have 1 Case (24-Pack) sent to people in need of clean drinking water around the world.

**Our goal is to provide clean drinking water to all people by uniting the planet. We want our water to stand for universal unity, so when we inhabit new planets or find extraterrestrial life, we hope earth’s ambassadors will be bearing cases of DogeDrip because humans believe in standing alongside one another.” 

Full Control
Healthy Composition
9 Filtration Stages
Quality certificates

Core Values

Our vision is a world where people coexist in sufficiency and unity and we aspire to increase our scope of influence so as to contribute in bringing this to reality.


We maintain honesty, truthfulness and integrity when relating with one another and our customers


We will maintain an upbeat attitude irrespective of challenges around us, as a company and as part of the human race. This will spur us towards achieving more


We keep respect for the earth, the community and the individual at the forefront of every interaction.


Tapping into our inner selves, we consistently strive to derive innovative solutions and keep up with the latest trends in our industry and the earth at large


A fundamental part of our company is charity towards all fellow humans and we will continue to give to humanity, as much as we can

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    What's Inside

    Pure Rocky Mountain Water

    KDF-55 Media Process

    Removes chlorine and soluble heavy metals; controls micro organisms.

    Carbon Media

    Removes organics, volital organic chemicals (such as MTBE, Trihalmethanes, etc). Improves Water’s color, taste, and odor.

    Sediment Filter

    Initial stage where our water passes through 5 micro-filters to eliminate particulate matter (sediment, dirt, etc).

    Water Softener

    Removes calcium & magnesium (hard water elements).

    Ultra-Violet Light

    Eliminates any microscopic organisms.

    Reverse Osmosis Membranes

    Removes dissolved solids in-organic & heavy metals (i.e. arsenic, aluminum, barium, copper, lead, mercury, nitrates, radium, and all others.)

    Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filter

    Final “polishing” filter to ensure purity.

    Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filter

    Final “polishing” filter to ensure purity.

    Ozone Process

    Final, precautionary measure to ensure against any bacteria/organisms.


    We Own Our Tomorrow.


    (24 Pack) Now Available


    (6 Pack) Now Available

    Pay With Crypto. Contribute To The Future!

    We started this company to bring feel-good, high quality products to society as well as support the growth of cryptocurrency which is the currency of the future. Water is an essential need of humanity and we plan on ensuring that all of us here on earth have access to clean drinking water.

    Our customers can buy our water with crypto or fiat currencies, but we encourage you to buy our product with cryptocurrency.

    ĐogeDrip & Co. was founded during a cryptocurrency boom. Crypto was starting to be applied to everyday purchases, and our founders saw this as an opportunity to unite our world through clean drinking water.

    Our brand is built by our customers, who are pioneers of the new world economy. Even the customers who don’t pay with crypto are still encouraging human connectivity and passing on clean drinking water to their fellow humans.

    We are not only about cryptocurrency, we also offer fabulous products at low prices and we invite you to embark on this journey with us. #WeOwnOurTomorrow #DoOnlyGoodEveryday


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